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The graffiti brothers

Jerom and Twoflü taking street art to the next level.

They are the two biggest creatives of the Ibiza graffiti scene with their unmistakable work covering walls and buildings all over the island. After joining forces with fellow artist Aída Miró to create the stunning ‘Women’ mural on Calle Canarias in Ibiza Town in October, the duo have just completed their first public exhibition ‘Al Ünisono’ to huge acclaim. “The artistic chemistry between us was immediate so we decided to try something different on canvas,” says Twoflü. “I began by covering all the canvas with calligraphy and textures with positive messages as a background whilst Jerom painted his magical portraits with spray.” The entire collection was bought by a mystery collector, but fear not as the duo are currently busy making a new series of paintings with yet another new style.