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The healing power of Ibiza

Nativ speaks to the people making Ibiza a more peaceful place.

The Reiki Master: Joanna Lewins

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of hands-on energy healing. Its name roughly translates to Universal Life Force Energy, and although there are a few different lineages they should all link back to where it orig- inated, within the Japanese lineage, with Usui Sensei. 

What are the benefits of a Reiki session?

What I love about Reiki is that it works on all layers of your being. Not just the energetic body, but the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual bodies. So, when you are receiving Reiki, the light energy that is channelled from the source is transmited to a cellular level of healing, unravelling the energetic blocks that impact all bodies. Once these are released, healing takes place holistically. It can be subtle, yet incredibly powerful. The benefits are innumerable. 

Why was this a world you wanted to explore?

I was looking into alternative therapies about seven years ago to heal a disease in my body. Reiki popped up and I was immediately drawn to it. I got attuned to levels one and two right away. The self-healing journey I went through was so profound that my life did a complete 180, and everything shifted for me, including the healing of my disease.

What is the most rewarding part of your healing work?

Observing the transformations that happen to my clients and being able to hold that space for them. Teaching has allowed me to share this gift with others, as we all evolve during this potent time. It’s amazing to see Reiki being more recognised, and it’s not just hippy ‘woo woo’ – there is scientific evidence that it speeds up the recovery process after surgery, for example.

The Singing Circle: Daughters of the Earth

The healing power of Ibiza, The Singing Circle: Daughters of the Earth

Who are Hijas de la Tierra?

Our group was born from the heart-to-heart connection between a group female friends, sisters and mothers: Paz, Aiwu, Alba, Ana, Caro, Leo, Martu and Elena. We have been living in Ibiza for a long time and hail from different parts of Spain, Italy and Argentina.

What was the original idea?

We share a love of music, song and the strength of co-creation. We started collaborating three years ago, to enjoy the beauty of being together, singing, taking care of and supporting one another. Over time, we began to realise how healing our encounters were for us, and that our chanting was helping us to develop a power to heal. Gradually, we started opening up these encounters to others to create singing circles, and accompanying pregnant women in the days before their deliveries to induce calm and support. We feel that at this point in history it is of utmost importance to be actively involved in helping recover nature’s balance. Mother Earth deserves for us to become involved, aware and take an active role, because we are living in an ecosystem whose balance is deeply fragile and has been damaged and abused.

How does your healing work?

Our chanting is a call to action. We invite you to laugh, cry, sing and dance with feeling and compassion. We open ourselves up to receiving the gifts that the universe has to offer each and every one of us. Children are a blessing who are always present, as are nursing mothers, babies, old folk, men and women of hope… and together we gradually steep ourselves in the medicine of the heart.

The Craniosacral Therapist: Emmanuelle Passes

The healing power of Ibiza, The Craniosacral Therapist: Emmanuelle Passes

What is craniosacral therapy?

It’s a gentle, non-invasive and powerful hands-on therapy that works with the craniosacral system to benefit the central nervous system and the overall health of the body. 

What was your first experience of hands-on therapy?

In the 1980s I was selling bikinis on a very different Platja d’en Bossa, and I was asked by a German couple to massage them. I had never massaged before, and the only thing I had with me was a little geranium essential oil which I mixed up with some suntan cream to make a magic massage potion. They loved it so much they asked me to massage them every day for two weeks!

How does CST work?

The brain and spinal cord (and the central nervous system) are surrounded by what is known as the craniosacral system. The membranes and fluid that surround these most vital structures provide them with the nourishment and protection necessary for survival in everyday life. In CST, the rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid in the craniosacral system and the restriction of energy flow in the body are evaluated and identified. Then, using gentle manipulation, they are harmonised, balanced and realigned.

What happens during CST?

People report a wide variety of experiences ranging from relaxation and a sense of ease, warmth, and tingling sensations, to feeling accepted. There’s often a sense of harmony and peace, a feeling of letting go, feeling balanced, increased energy and feeling more fully alive. Some people see different colours and patterns or remember past events. It’s common to feel very connected to soul and spirit, and to experience a deeper awareness of self and body.

Tel+ 44 78 87 571 418 // + 33 603 357 964.

The Meditative Music Healer: Mina

How did music first enter your life?

I was born in Argentina and was surrounded by a family of music lovers. My first loves were jazz, bossa nova and soul. I discovered the magic of electronic music in 1996, which is when my career began.

At the end of the summer, you’ll hold your healing workshop at the Ibiza Spirit Festival. What’s it all about?

Vibra Alto is a project thatI co-created with my life partner Julieta Sagüés. It will include live music and the coordination of breath and movement, ultimately to raise consciousness and encourage people to discover themselves in a pure and healthy way.

What can we expect from your workshops?

We approach meditation as a celebration, in order to break the taboo around leaving your mind blank. Everyone can meditate, we all know how to do it. What we aim to do together is to awaken the wisdom in every person that makes them want to raise their vibration. We understand meditation as an act of presence and acceptance of what is happening here and now. That’s why we don’t plan what’s going to happen, we simply listen to what the group needs to work on. In a Vibra Alto workshop, you enter as a human and leave with wings. 

How important is the music aspect?

My motto is simple: ‘Music cures everything’. As time passes I am constantly amazed at what I am capable of generating with my music, how I can read people and help them bring out their most beautiful qualities.

IG: @mina.eivissa /


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