The mediterranean garden of perfumes

BESO perfumes bring the fragrances and sensations of Ibiza and Formentera to aromatic life, bottling the summer. NATIV breathes in these heavenly scents.

Beso knows all about great perfumes, with not just one or two, but six wonderful fragrances, all created by some of the world’s master perfumers. They transport us to an oasis full of magic, dance and fun with the essence of a wild and Mediterranean environment.


beso perfumes

Created by Olivier Cresp, Bendito Beso transports us to Formentera with the aroma of the sea and the green of the sabina forests with their wild bushes. For warm, tanned skin, it’s like a cooling kiss that becomes sweeter as the bergamot fades to reveal its jasmine heart, sheltered under the woody notes of cedar and the elegance of musk.

TOP: Hediona, neroli water, Sicilian bergamot, cascalone. 
MID: Tunisian orange leaf absolute, atlas, paradisone. 
BASE: Cedar wood, heliotrope, musk.


beso perfumes

Beso Canalla is a bit of a scoundrel, created by Annick Ménardo. A warm and seductive fragrance, it has a lively opening thanks to notes of orange and lavender. Canalla captures the authentic character of Beso Beach, the feel of fresh sand underfoot in an atmosphere celebrating life. Sandalwood fills the space and gives harmony in a moment that you never want to end.

TOP: Lavender, neroli bigarade, Sicilian bergamot, saffron. 
MID: Heliotrope, roasted sugar, cistus. 
BASE: Indian sandalwood, indonesian patchouli, amber infusion.


beso perfumes

Beso Feliz is the ‘60s hippie movement that found a home in Ibiza and Formentera – an open and hospitable place, a peaceful paradise. Created by Carlos Benaim, Feliz has a smoked marijuana flavour, which brings a feeling of well-being and calm. The woody and balsamic warmth revives the spirit, making you want to stay forever.

TOP: Cannabis accord, blackcurrant, pink pepper, rhubarb. 
MID: Rose essence, clary sage, Madagascar black pepper oil. 
BASE: Patchouli heart, vetiver Java oil, benzoin resinoid, golden musk.


Seductive and captivating, Christophe Raynaud’s scent is powerful and refined. Patchouli and leather transmit mystery and sensuality with a provocative and wild kiss. Notes of violet and cardamom make Negro noble and sublime. A warm, woody and enveloping perfume that evokes the last rays of sun reflecting in sea, and an evening full of seduction and passion to which darkness and the moon are the only witnesses.

TOP: Violet leaves, cardamom from Guatemala, acorde verde. 
MID: Violet, orris concrete, cipriol, Indonesian patchouli. 
BASE: Virginia cedar wood, ambrox, Indian sandalwood, leather.


Created by Jordi Fernández, Pasión is an exciting kiss tinged with mystery, an aphrodisiac, charismatic and sweet as the fruit of its fig trees. Opening with the sunny glow of bergamot and ginger, it instantly transports you to a carefree, joyous summer day in the sun. The elegance of cedar wood and the intensity of patchouli oil make it a fiery and passionate kiss that you will want to be eternal.

TOP: Italian bergamot, lemon sfumatrice, bitter orange, cardamom, ginger. 
MID: Fig, Virginia cedar rect, green tea. 
BASE: Akigalawood, white amber, musk, vetiver Haiti, ciste.


beso perfumes

Dorado, created by Dominique Ropion, is inspired by the ten years of magic and splendour of Beso Beach. An addictive perfume with intense and fresh aromas, it captures the authentic Mediterranean spirit of summer evenings with the sunsets and endless nights. Pink pepper and juniper give a lively and spicy opening, cinnamon and patchouli make Dorado a warm and seductive fragrance, with vibrant and refreshing notes of vetiver.

TOP: Balkan juniper oil, pink pepper, lavandin grosso, pink grapefruit. 
MID: Cinnamon bark essential, cypress oil, Madagascar geranium oil. 
BASE: Haiti for Life vetiver, saffiano, labdanum resinoid, Indonesian patchouli.