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The seven elements

We have a plan that you won’t want to refuse. An invitation to Benirrás beach and the perfect schedule to enjoy an entire day without ever leaving the cove. Seven suggestions in one single place, with you as the star of the day.


You’ll wake up to breakfast by the sea. We suggest you start the day with a sensational detox juice: Vitality is a cocktail of organic fruits and vegetables that will help you recharge your batteries before the temperature reaches 35o. 


We know that holidays and massages go hand-in-hand. That’s why we’re offering a menu of age-old techniques to reharmonise your body from your toes up to your head. 


For when you’d like to dress like a louche bohemian, but packed nothing but bathing suits. Our boutique is filled with authentic Ibiza-esque designs, such as silks, feathers and Indian accessories.


Ever tried dancing with the elements of nature? Well, now’s the time. In this magnetic corner of Ibiza, we dance to the rhythm of Balearic beats and lounge world music until we feel a part of the earth’s own dance.


You already know this, but let us remind you: Ibiza’s magic begins at sunset. Elements Ibiza has created the perfect ritual for this moment, so you can enjoy the pleasure of contemplating the sunset from front-row seats. An unforgettable ceremony with drum beats and applause, dedicated to our favorite star.


Come lunchtime, it would be crazy to miss the Mediterranean delights created by Chef Mauro di Mauro, a huge fan of sustainable fishing who’ll prepare you a speciality dish fresh out of the water! 


Come nightfall, we’d like to propose a toast to the wonderful day we’ve spent together! Choose a cocktail, with or without alcohol, and don’t forget to make a wish! Legend has it that any wish you make under Ibiza’s starlit night sky is automatically granted. 

Cala de Benirràs, Sant Miquel.
Tel: 971 333 136 /