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The true story of Caleta coffee 

As told by the creator’s grandson, Jordi Cardona, owner of Sa Caleta Restaurant.
Illustration: Angie Flavor

My grandfather was known to all as Pep Pujolet. He had always worked as a fisherman. He built himself a little house in Sa Caleta and he’d go there every day on his motorcycle, sometimes spending the night. On Sundays, they used to get together with friends and cook a rice dish, a stew, or a bullit de peix with the fish they had not managed to sell. That’s how Caleta Coffee emerged.

First, I should explain that my grandfather did his military service in the navy, in La Coruña, and my grandmother always reminds us that the idea of burning the alcohol off wine came from his experience there, inspired by the famous Galician queimada. 

During the post-war period, fishermen never went without tobacco or alcohol. Smuggling was the only way to survive! So they always had brandy. But they didn’t have coffee; they used toasted chicory, a cereal that grew on the roadsides, instead.

They always had oranges for dessert and lemons for their salads. And, if they were having greixonera for dessert, they would also have cinnamon. A little sugar, a pot on the fire, and they were all set!

But it wasn’t my grandfather who came up with the name. Story has it that, one day, they invited the first director of Ibiza’s airport. He was a guy from Madrid. “This is delcious!” he exclaimed, “What is it?” “It’s our coffee,” the fishermen replied. “What do you mean it’s your coffee? We’ll call it Caleta Coffee!”.

Over the years, Caleta Coffee has become very popular. We’re very proud of my granfather’s recipe. We’ve served as its ambassadors because it’s been on the menu ever since my father opened the restaurant in 1988. 

It’s already become part of our family history.

Caleta coffee Ibiza

Recipe for
Caleta coffee

Ingredients per person:

• Half a cup of brandy

• Half a cup of coffee

• 1 stick of cinnamon 

• Lemon rind

• Orange rind

• 1 tablespoon of sugar


In a pot, preferably one made of clay, add a tablespoon of white sugar per person, half a cup of brandy per person, a little piece each of orange and lemon rind, and a stick of cinnamon.

Flambé the mixture and, once it’s ready, add the equal amounts of brandy and coffee.
The coffee should be very mild and not too watery.

Ready to serve!

Every great recipe has a secret ingredient. This time, we’re going to let you in on the secret:
It’s LOVE.


Playa Sa Caleta. Sant Jordi de Ses Salines. Tel: 971 187 095.
E-mail: Abierto todos los días del año desde 1988.