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A co-working space in which to redesign the future

theHUB is a place that helps professionals build creative communities that work based on sustainability.
thehub ibiza

theHUB is not just a co-working space, it is also an inspiring workspace, with a vibrant community and a philosophy committed to preserving the environment and promoting a sustainable future for Ibiza. The exclusive resort offers a stimulating environment designed to boost productivity and cultivate collaboration. We chatted with the team.

thehub ibiza

What sets theHUB Ibiza apart from other co-working spaces? 

We generate community in a space designed for the success of our members and the valuable connections they make with each other. We conduct a personalized onboarding process to discuss your needs, creating opportunities for collaboration and growth. We are passionate about the environment and the future of Ibiza. We actively participate in sustainable initiatives and local projects, ensuring that our impact extends further afield. In addition, the music studio offers a unique creative atmosphere.

Tell us about the Industry Pass.

We know how tough it can be for the music industry to work from hotels and cafes. That’s why we created a perfect pass for music managers that gives access to an exclusive and private place to work alongside the hospitality of a great team in an inspiring space. We understand the needs of the island and believe that music should be celebrated in a professional place to work and create. Also, with this pass you have direct access to preferential booking rates for our onsite music studios, theHUB Ibiza Studios (THIS).

What creative contributions can Ibiza offer the world?

Ibiza is right at the forefront of a lot of important issues today. Many industry leaders consider the island their home and we are seeing first-hand new projects through technology, cryptocurrencies and art.

Poligono Ca Na Palava, Santa Eulalia del Rio
(+34) 604 29 37 11