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Then and Now

Julio Belsian collects old photos and postcards of Ibiza and Formentera and uses them to raise funds for his association Ibiza al Desarrollo (Ibiza in Development). Here we continue our journey through his archives and highlight the differences in today’s Ibiza.

Sant Francesc

Although the façade has changed, there is no mistaking Fonda Platé on Sant Jaume street in Formentera. Opened in 1922, it remains one of the oldest restaurants on the island and is now run by third and fourth generation members of the Platé family.

Dalt Vila

On the junction of Carrer de Sant Rafel and Carrer de sa Carrossa, barrows and bicycles have been replaced by cars and motorbikes, and nestled on the left is the quaint Can Den Parra restaurant. Head up the hill and you’ll find the excellent Museum of Contemporary Art of Ibiza (MACE) – but nothing has really changed on these ancient and narrow streets…


In the first half of the 20th century, a train transported the salt extracted at Salinas to the loading dock at the port known as Sa Canal. You could see the tracks along which it ran up until 2011 when they were removed – another piece of Ibiza history sadly erased. The working conditions back then were extremely harsh and the hard work of the salt labourers has been recognised with a monument in their honour. 


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