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Total Design: dreams become real with GO+

GO+ is far more than just an architecture studio. Their innovative approach, dedication to their clients, and commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, all make their projects unique from start to finish.
Total Design: dreams become real with GO+

If we think about our dream home, what comes to mind are the spaces we would like to have, the design of the furniture, our favorite materials, our daily needs… But managing to turn wishes into reality, from the blueprint to the last detail, is something within the reach of very few architecture studios. Thankfully, GO+ exists in Ibiza.

Under the direction of renowned architect Gabriel Olivera, GO+ has a track record that endorses the promise made by its motto: “We design spaces to dream.” Their work philosophy is based on combining the functional aspect of architecture with a more spiritual vision that connects with human needs. They approach projects as a challenge, ensuring that each one has its own character and respects the natural environment.

Total Design: dreams become real with GO+

To do this, they have several personalized services which focus on sustainability and people’s well-being and which distinguish them as leaders in the industry, covering architecture, construction, interior design, manufacturing, materials and products. These services are aimed at individuals who want to build their dream home in Ibiza, or at hotels that aim to integrate into their physical and social environment on the island, with functionality and eco-efficiency.

First, the architectural concept

As a company that offers comprehensive architecture and interior-design services, along with the manufacturing of bespoke kitchens and furniture, the process begins with understanding the needs and objectives of the project. Accordingly, these services propose ideas and create design concepts that integrate architecture into space and develop the sketches and plans in which these ideas will be reflected.

Total Design: dreams become real with GO+

The importance of materials in interior design

For GO+, advising clients on the selection of materials and finishes for furniture, kitchens and other interior design elements is essential. To do this, they present samples of materials in order to find the one that fully aligns with the concept of the project.

Getting into construction

Once the plans are approved, the construction and manufacturing process of the furniture and kitchens begins, using the most advanced technology and expert craftsmanship to guarantee each piece is produced with precision and meets the highest standards. The team will ensure the furniture and kitchens blend perfectly with the interior architecture. Next comes the selection and placement of accessories, lighting, textiles and other decorative elements to complement the design and enhance the overall aesthetic of the space.

Total Design: dreams become real with GO+

Delivery, evaluation and maintenance

To conclude, a final project inspection is carried out to ensure that all elements are installed correctly and that quality standards are met, and the space is delivered fully equipped and decorated, along with any relevant documentation and manufacturing guarantees. As you would expect, Go+ offer long-term monitoring and maintenance services and ongoing customer advice on the proper care and maintenance of both furniture and kitchens.

Total Design: dreams become real with GO+

After getting to know the different steps and services that GO+ offers, we chatted with Gabriel Olivera to get even closer to the philosophy of his projects.

What is your vision of contemporary architecture?

Contemporary architecture is characterized by a combination of technological innovation, sustainability and cultural sensitivity. Sustainability and energy efficiency are trending, thanks to the increasingly common use of environmental materials, the integration of renewable energy and the design of buildings that maximize energy efficiency through orientation, insulation and natural ventilation.

Then there’s technological innovation, with the use of BIM [Building Information Modeling], 3D printing and home automation and artificial intelligence; aesthetics and functionality are based on minimalism, bioclimatic design and diversity of materials. The cultural and social context increasingly nudges us toward community participation, vernacular architecture – adaptation of traditional designs – and broad-based accessibility; and, finally, there’s the resilience of the design itself, with flexible spaces, anticipating possible natural phenomena such as earthquakes and floods.

All of this reflects a balance between technological innovation and social and environmental responsibility. Architects are challenging convention and exploring new ways of creating spaces that are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also sustainable and meaningful to the community and environment in which they are located.

In your experience, what are a home’s – and a hotel’s – main requirements?

They vary depending on their purpose and the use given to them, but both share some fundamental requirements such as comfort, functionality and safety. To be specific, among the main needs of a home is the creation of a comfortable, safe and functional environment that adapts to the daily life of its occupants. In contrast, a hotel should focus on offering a comfortable, safe and pleasant experience to its guests, with a variety of services and facilities that ensure satisfaction during their stay. Both require attention to sustainability and energy efficiency, as well as the integration of modern technology.

What is your favorite part of the process when carrying out a project?

When creativity becomes a reality. The moment when ideas and concepts begin to take a tangible form. It’s exciting to see a vision come to fruition whether in plans, models, or even actual construction. This moment marks the beginning of the transformation of an idea into something concrete and palpable. What’s more, I love the process of collaboration and creativity that occurs at this stage, where the team works together to solve challenges and bring the shared vision to life. It’s gratifying to see how every detail is taken care of and how every decision contributes to the final result.

What do you think your studio stands out for?

There are several aspects that we consider fundamental to offering exceptional service and outstanding results. First of all, innovation and creativity. We strive to drive innovation, exploring creative and original solutions that suit the needs and desires of our clients, and we foster an environment of creativity and experimentation within the team, where the exploration of new ideas and approaches is valued.

Secondly, we always put the client center-stage, making sure we understand their goals, desires and concerns at every step. Also, we are committed to delivering high-quality results for all our projects, from initial design to final delivery.

Thirdly, we take a holistic approach to design, considering not only aesthetics and functionality, but also sustainability, energy efficiency and social and environmental impact, seeking to integrate all dimensions of design. We are committed to promoting sustainable practices in all of our projects, using construction materials and processes that minimize environmental impact and promote energy efficiency, and we seek opportunities to positively contribute to the communities in which we work.

Finally, we foster a collaborative and supportive work environment, where each team member feels valued and motivated to contribute their skills and knowledge. And we maintain a global vision in our work, drawing on cultural, technological and aesthetic influences from around the world to enrich our designs and offer truly unique and relevant solutions.

These core values guide every aspect of our work and allow us to deliver exceptional results that transform visions of reality.

C/ Llauradors, 1, nave 3 Polígono Industrial Montecristo.
(+34) 971 33 85 65 / +34678989003