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Vivie-Ann Bakos Aka BLOND:ISH talks eco urgency with Ida Engberg

Nativ likes to get people talking, and this time Canadian music producer Vivie-Ann Bakos Aka BLOND:ISH talks eco urgency with musician Ida Engberg.

Nativ likes to get people talking, and this time Canadian music producer Vivie-Ann Bakos Aka BLOND:ISH talks eco urgency with musician Ida Engberg.

What do you fear most about the world’s government’s cavalier attitude to climate change?

Ida Engberg:
It’s heart-breaking to see what we have done to the planet and I think it is time to stop blaming the government, as that isn’t helping the situation. It’s in our hands to make changes no matter how little they seem to be in the big picture. Literally everything we do has a butterfly effect on our surroundings and little things can become huge in no time at all. Greta Thunberg represents the David and Goliath history. 

Vivie-Ann Bakos:
It’s called a #climatecrisis now no? But as you say, Greta Thunberg is helping to change those attitudes we have as a society. What I do know is that there is an uprising of a strong cross – generational group of humans that are fueling a tipping point to redefine our future. 

Ida Engberg:
Exactly. We need to wake up and become conscious in everything we do, and we need to educate ourselves in how we can reduce our carbon footprint. Eating vegan food isn’t enough, we need to dramatically change and it’s not an easy thing to do. We need to make new laws and protect nature and we need to criminalize the big polluting companies

Vivie-Ann Bakos:
I think it’s looking at the bigger picture and taking small actionable steps together; first in your own circle (which is you), then, taking small actionable steps within your community (your family, your work, your industry). That fuels a tipping point. We could dramatically reduce our carbon footprint by just giving up beef. 

“We need to make new laws to protect nature, and criminalise polluting companies.” 

Vivie-Ann Bakos:
Was there an eye-opening moment for you?

Ida Engberg:
I stayed in Mexico and saw the plastic floating up on the beach every day. Also traveling in South America in general outside of the cities that are being cleaned is absolutely heart breaking. Mountains of plastic everywhere. 

Vivie-Ann Bakos:
Capri will be fining tourists up to 500 for using any single use plastics. The Balearics will bring in a ban on certain plastic items by 2021. The Ibiza Preservation Foundation are taking this a step further with their Plastic Free Ibiza & Formentera initiative, which will tackle any and all of the plastics not included in the general Balearic law, such as plastic bottles etc. 

Ida Engberg:
Change is happening, the seeds are being planted all around the world. Since I launched Bye Bye Plastic, we’re getting requests every day from individuals and companies who want to get involved. It’s amazing to see everyone jumping on the hype bandwagon.  

“We can dramatically reduce our carbon footprint just by giving up beef.”


Bye Bye Plastic is an initiative from Vivie-Ann Bakos, and is a plastic transition support system, dedicated to raising awareness and bringing plastic alternative solutions to the music industry. BBP are taking steps to affect change by launching ‘My Eco Rider’, urging those in the industry to stop using single-use plastic. From small acorns mighty oak trees grow, and this initiative is just the first of many steps towards eco solutions that will help everyone.


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