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Why you need: Ed Kennard

Why you need: Ed Kennard


Ed has been programming computers since the age of nine and has worked in senior tech roles for various digital creative, venture capital, commodities trading and technology companies, for example, Intel Corporation. Ed is also a classically trained pianist, former jazz/funk band member and sometime electronic music producer.

“When I needed to reorganise my digital filing system for DJing with Rekordbox, and consolidate all my hard drives – containing years of studio projects – Ed came to the rescue. He brought me a new, clearer approach to file management. My hero!” 

George Evelyn, Nightmares on Wax

1. Emergency recovery. Hard disk failed with all your tunes on? Laptop won’t start and you have a gig tonight?

2. Tuning computers for live performances. Remove the unnecessary apps and background processes that slow it down.

3. Cutting out inefficient steps in your daily work. Spend more time being creative.

4. Clean-up and consolidation of large music libraries. Organise files and liberate disk space.

5. Development of custom software to solve difficult problems. See Rekordbox (, a tool for rapidly locating missing files in Pioneer’s DJ software.

6. Securing digital libraries. Relocate files to the cloud or to an ultra-high-capacity storage device.