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Signature Dish: Glazed Lamb Shoulder

Mariner restaurant reveals their most coveted recipe, step by step.
Glazed Lamb Shoulder recipe

The Dish

Ingredients: Lamb shoulder, potato, onions, Japanese pepper, oil and sherry vinegar. 

Start by deboning the lamb shoulder, saving the bones to make broth later. Next, marinate the meat in a chimichurri made with bay leaves, thyme, oregano, cumin, and a little paprika. It’s very important to let this mixture rest for 24 hours. Then, sear the lamb shoulder over the grill, before vaccuum packing it with a little of its own juice and some oil. The meat is then cooked sous-vide, before being combined with the bone broth. Once combined, the shoulder of lamb is glazed in the oven at a low temperature until the jus is reduced to a very dense texture. Serve this delicious dish with a mashed potato foam, a smoother and airier version of the traditional side dish. Add a layer of red onion, sautéed and deglazed with sherry vinegar to give them a hint of acidity. Season with a generous pinch of shichimi togarashi, a unique and fiery blend of Japanese pepper.

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