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Cala bonita, the lovely seaside restaurant in Ibiza

The lovely Cala Bonita seaside restaurant has been producing outstanding food and welcoming happy guests for many years.

The lovely Cala Bonita seaside restaurant has been producing outstanding food and welcoming happy guests for many years. This wonderful spot, with its restored terrace where diners can take in the natural beauty of the Mediterranean, has its roots firmly in the history and culture of Ibiza, particularly the area north up the coast around Santa Eulària. Cala Bonita knows the area intimately and here shares some of its cultural highlights with NATIV. 

Puig de Missa

An essential destination for anybody who truly wants to get a feel of traditional Ibiza. Puig de Missa is an outstanding example of the fortified churches of Ibiza and Formentera. Built in the 16th century on the ruins of a church that had been ransacked by pirates, it sits on the top of a hill that has long been a landmark for travellers. The buildings themselves are stunning, but the view from Puig de Missa looking down over the mouth of the river and the surrounding hills to the coast is also spectacular.

Barrau Museum

It seems fitting that we should be considering this beautiful little art gallery showcasing the work of Laureà Barrau i Buñol in our “Creativity” issue. Originally from Barcelona, Barrau trained in France, Argentina and Italy and first visited Ibiza in 1912. Captivated, he moved permanently to the island and settled in Santa Eulària. The work in the gallery features images of Barrau’s wife and the people and places of the area he loved so much. 

Interior of the church of Puig de Misa, in Santa Eulalia del Rio.

The Ethnographic Museum

Housed in a 300-year-old farmhouse that is also a national heritage site, this wonderful museum gives visitors the chance to discover the real defining characteristics of Ibiza’s unique rural architecture. Globally respected architects such as Le Corbusier highly praised the ingenuity and creativity of the architectural solutions used in the island’s dwellings. On the site you can see a living room, kitchen, wine cellar, oil press and well. There is also a permanent exhibition of clothing, jewellery, household items, tools and even musical instruments. 

The Markets

To get a real flavour of Ibiza and of its huge variety of amazing fruit, vegetables and locally produced goods such as honey and butter, you must visit the markets. Every Sunday, on Passeig de S’Alamera, the main boulevard in Santa Eulària des Riu, a farmer’s market showcases the wares of growers, producers and artisans. Of course, there are also the hippy markets of Las Dalias and Punta Arabí, where you’ll find craft beers, cheeses and jams among the kaftans and love beads. Also worth a trip is the conventional Es Mercat market in the town centre, where fishmongers, butchers, grocers and bakers all sell their goods daily.

The Movies

You may be surprised to learn that Santa Eulària has its own little cinema. Located on Carrer de Sant Jaume, the Cine Teatro España is a lovely little gem open from Thursday to Sunday. It is modern and comfortable and almost all of its screening are in their original language with Spanish subtitles.