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Interview with Margaluna Jiménez, the biggest shaman in Ibiza

A shamanic sweat lodge ceremony might just lead to a spiritual rebirth.
Photography by Katarina Baliova

“About 30 years ago I was sitting by the Ganges in India,” sighs Margaluna. “I had no real idea what to do with my life, I had been very sick whilst traveling and I was ready to go home to Spain. I closed my eyes with sadness, a deep desperation covering me. When I opened them a small child was standing in the muddy river next to me offering a prayer. I knew in that instant my life was just beginning and that there was work to do.”

Margaluna Jiménez is one of Ibiza’s leading shamans
“Being inside the hut is like being inside your mother’s womb.”

Today Margaluna is one of Ibiza’s leading shamans, practicing many rituals including temazcal and the Inca Medicine Wheel from her northern hillside home. “We all know the planet is in crisis at the moment, but this island can be a crystal for the world, but we all have to start connecting again.”

Despite the fact that temazcal ceremonies are just now being discovered by many, these ancient rituals have been part of Mexican and South American culture for around 1000 years. The word itself originates from a Nahuati world Temācalli, which translates to ‘house of heat’.  Margaluna’s own ceremony takes place in her low ceilinged hut (sweat lodge). Once inside, she pours water over hot volcanic rocks before starting a series of chants and drum beats. “Being inside the hut is just like being inside your mother’s womb where the only sound you can hear is her heartbeat,” she says. “Leaving the temezcal is like a type of rebirth. Your emotions have been wiped clean, your negatives thrown into the pit and the positive has spoken. You exit the hut completely brand new and your skin is soft and clear, just like a baby.”

Benefits Of Temazcal

1. Flushes out toxins
2. Clears skin
3. Aids blood flow
4. Supports weight loss
5. Decreases risk of dementia/alzheimer’s
6. Releases mental burdens

Margaluna’s Inca Medicine Wheel meanwhile takes place in the open air where participants come together for three full day periods, four times a year to experience this spiritual and perceptual journey.  “Some don’t want to leave the wheel because they feel so connected and have a sense of true security,” Margaluna smiles. “Most of us have so many burdens. Unless these burdens are released, there can be no positive energy in our lives.”

The Four Directions of the Inca Medicine Wheel
The South The Way Of Healing
The West The Way Of Transformation
The North The Way of Initiation
The East The Way of Co-Creation

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