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Ibiza-based ethical fashion brand Etikology

Ibiza-based ethical fashion brand Etikology brings multi-cultural influences to sustainable clothing.

She’s French with a Caribbean father, he’s an Italian from Naples. When they moved to Ibiza 17 years ago, this powerhouse fashion duo sowed the seeds of Etikology, one of Ibiza’s most conscious clothing labels. Nadedge Seguin and Luca Criscuolo take what they call a wabi-sabi approach to style and fashion. “We look for sustainability and balance in the details,”  says Seguin.  “The clothes have a bohemian yet minimal vibe that gives them a mysterious sense of elegant warmth. Each item is naturally and ecologically dyed with plants and flowers on chemical-free organic cotton. We value functionality as well as aesthetic, with quality sewing and optimum skin-feel in our creations.” The pair take inspiration from all around the world, but have a particular attraction to Asian influences. Africa has also played a big part in their philosophy and outlook, because it was where they saw for the first time the negative consequences of pollution,  particularly with plastics.

“We look for sustainability and balance in all the details. Each piece is naturally dyed using plants and flowers.”

Etikology is a true partnership, with Seguin focusing on design and print while Criscuolo concentrates on raising the plants used in the tinting process. There’s also Ouija the cat, who “is in charge of our moral and emotional wellness!”

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