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Here are our highly recommended vegan dinning to eat morning, noon and night!

One of the island’s favourite couples, Scott and Mandy Gray, take time out to bring NATIV the best vegan and plant based restaurants on Ibiza…
Elena Sánchez

Let’s get this straight. We are food lovers who choose to be vegan for the animals, for the environment and our health. But we can definitely be dirty vegans at times…who doesn’t need a bit of junk food from time to time?

We like to live our lives by eating inclusive – meaning we like to go out with our friends and family who are able to eat meat and fish at restaurants, but there always will be nice options on the menu for us vegans.

Here are our highly recommended places to eat morning, noon and night…



A small family run business offering a great menu selection and one of the places we get our vegan cake fix. Sam and Jason are ever friendly and we love their scrambled tofu which you can add anything from rocket to sauteed peppers to. As for the cakes, the peanut butter brownies and white rocky road are heaven.


Where the cool kids hang out! With recent DJ sets from the likes of Crazy P, Phat Phil Cooper and Fina’s Corbi & Simon Morell, WOM is definitely one of the places to check out this summer – it’s cool without the pretentiousness. And OMG their Vegan Brunch is perhaps the best on the island; big sourdough fried bread, homemade beans, roasted tomatoes, a mix of mushrooms and the best spicey sausages on the planet. Harry, Emily and the team also make amazing Vegan Bloody Mary’s…which are off the hook. 


1. Passion Café, locations all over the island

So much to choose from Lana Love’s healthy empire. Their vegan brownie is hands down the best on the island – I would lick this off Scott’s body, it’s that good ha ha!

2. Moos Kitchen in Cala Llonga and delivered to your door

The cauliflower and chickpea curry is mind blowing as are Moos’ cauliflower wings. Great picnic services too for boat and beach days. Love these guys.

3. Caos in Santa Eulalia

One of the friendliest places on the island, always a nice buzz here with a cool view. Check out their avocados, great range of salads and of course their burritos. Their cocktails are knockout also.


1. TAPAS in San Antonio

Their aubergine and chickpea tagine with cinnamon, onion, carrot, tomato and topped with coriander is crazy good. As is their orange chocolate tart, which is insane.  

2. Chidas cantina in Ibiza Town

Something of a Mexican institution on the island, it’s like a who’s who in there sometimes! Their roasted celeriac is to die for and their oyster mushroom tacos are wowwwww!

3. Bistro 17 in Santa Eulalia

They are the only restaurant in Ibiza that makes authentic Ibiza pizza with VEGAN cheese! Renzo the chef, we salute you!

4. Esfigueral Restaurante in Es Figueral

Tucked away on the road to the beach, this Spanish / Dutch owned place changed to vegan only last year. They have a fabulous Italian chef who makes the best homemade pasta whilst their desserts are to die for. Highly recommended.

5. Mikasa Ibiza Boutique Hotel

Vegan with a view! In a nutshell – plant-based cuisine fostering local, seasonal and sustainably grown products…overlooking the sea. We love their falafel burgers in a charcoal bun whilst their pink pancakes are a must!

And finally we have to mention Tess Prince @lovefoodibiza. She creates some of the best vegan recipes that always keep us busy in the kitchen…her ginger flapjacks are just AMAZING.


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Great article, thanks guys !!

This is awesome !! nice one thanks !!

Woo thank you so much for your love and support of Melbourne Street 🙂