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Billy Flamingos

Flying High

Meet Guille, Adri and Álex, otherwise known as Billy Flamingos. One of Ibiza’s most exciting rock bands and who may be on the cusp of greatness.
By Dan Prince · Photo: Andrés Iglesias

Guys, what’s with the name?

It’s always hard giving a project a name; in fact, our song ‘Delirios’ is about exactly that indecision. Ultimately, we were inspired by Tarantino and gave it a specific identity with the migratory birds that stop at ses Salines.

How would you describe your musical style?

Our style is hard to pin down. We make different songs with different influences. We have pop songs, stoner rock, indie… and on the last record we included electronics. Perhaps the most widespread style that identifies us is alternative rock.

How difficult is it for a band from Ibiza to succeed?

Great question. The public on the mainland is surprised to see a rock group from Ibiza, as the island is the cradle of electronic music. There is a lot of talent here, though, and I think we need more visibility. But making the leap is difficult without proper support. In the end, it’s about staying true to what we believe, not giving up and surrounding yourself with a good team. We know that through sacrifice, perseverance, work and a bit of luck, everything will come good in the end.

Favourite place to play in Ibiza?

Every gig produces special memories. We loved playing twice for the Patron Saint festivities in Sant Rafel – the atmosphere and audience were totally unique. But perhaps the best was the Rock in Riu Festival in Santa Eulalia in 2017 – it was our first concert and the expectation was enormous. It was unreal.

A great new album released earlier this year… What’s next?

Thank you! Yes, ‘Obscuro Baile de Salón’ was actually created during the pandemic. We are currently working on new material to be able to release at the end of the summer – it’s a process we love. From the first verse and chord on the song sheet, to the mixing and mastering phase in the studio. It is a process where things are changed and where many decisions are made. That’s the beauty; creating songs that reach people and that they spend their time listening to us.

Congratulations on making the final of the Cooltural Festival contest, a brilliant way to spread the Billy Flamingos name…

Originally, we weren’t big fans of participating in music contests as in many of them you have to ask for votes through social networks. But we realized it was a great way to promote the band, and we have won many of the ones that we have entered. As well as sharing the bill with many great bands at Cooltural in Almería in August, we are also appearing at the Cranc Illa de Menorca in September, where we have reached the final stage out of 246 bands. This gives us fuel to continue growing – and above all to believe in ourselves and in our music.


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