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There’s much more than beaches. We visited the most amazing caves in Ibiza

The enchanting subterranean world of Ibiza are some of the most unknown corners of the island, but one of it’s wonders. Mike Parry takes us on his underground tour of the secret side of the White Isle…
Dan Prince

“The caves of Ibiza are like entering into the womb of the earth. They are very sacred spaces to feel held and connected to Mother Nature. Caves are perfect places for rituals and ceremonies, perfect for silent meditation and even taking yourself away for your very own retreat. Treated as shrines where people bring gifts and offerings, caves are often dressed with cloth, flowers and sacred ornaments. There are so many caves across Ibiza, but here are some of my favourites and my connections with each…

When I first landed in Ibiza my time was pretty much taken up by raving. There wasn’t much time for any form of retreats, it was all about putting on parties and organising tours for people to come and dance in clubs, beaches and boats. Although I knew there was another side to the island, it wasn’t until I was living here that I truly embraced the other side of the island…and of myself”

It took me years to finally get to see Es Vedra but when I did, it took my breath away. Camping at the viewpoint became a regular feature in my life and it is here, under the upper view point that we find our first cave, Cova Mirador de Es Vedra. You wouldn’t know it was there unless you stuck your head over the lip and looked down! The cave was a man’s home for many years and visitors would always share food and fun with him as well as bring him sacred stones, crystals, jewellery and tarot cards. These gifts were still there long after he left, to where who knows. This of course was before the viewpoints of Es Vedra became a tourist trap and recently the authorities have cleared all remnants of his existence. I felt as sad about this as I did when they cleared all the goats from Es Vedra. But that’s another story eh?


Cueva Cala Conta aka The Rave Cave. In 2013 I was directing a film shoot for a new TV pilot which both the DJ Bushwacka and his son were starring in. During the shoot he hosted a VERY secret Full Moon rave in this cave which we were invited to shoot – it really did feel like a celebration in the womb of Ibiza. What a gift. The cave is a real treat too, a unique hollow setting where you are able to see both the sun setting on one side and the moon rising on the other. I have camped here, chilled here and had one of the most romantic night of my life here.


Las Puertas del Cielo is a cave that I found quite by chance and is a viewpoint where I recently had my aura paintings done by Richart. You have a 270 degree sea view and 360 view of Ibiza, and the cave is located about a 1km north of Restaurante Las Puertas Del Cielo – walk out of the restaurant facing the sea, turn right and walk. It has a small entrance which you have to get on your hands and knees for, but once you are in you will be surprised at the size of it. Do what I do and turn off your torch when you are inside. The feeling of tranquillity is awesome.


Tanit’s Cave is probably the most well-known cave on the island. It is an official tourist point and is actually locked and protected by the Counsel of San Joan de Libritja with specific visiting hours. Occupied since the Bronze Age, this cave was turned into a sanctuary by the Carthaginians (5th-2nd century BCE, divided into several areas and used to worship the goddess Tanit. This space was discovered in 1907 by the Sociedad Arqueológica Ebusitana and among the materials found were several hundred complete terracotta figures. 


If you know, you know! Foz’s Cave in the north of the islandis something of an institution on Ibiza. It’s actually located on private land but has been the home for numerous events and celebrations over the years. I first discovered Foz’s when World Unplugged asked me to come and film their event; truly a magical night of acoustic music, Theatre of The Ancient performers, food mezcal and magic.


The next cave on my to do list is Medusa’s Cave in the north, which I have heard a lot about. I offer guided tours to the caves I have talked about today (some with snorkel and diving) and also some of the deeper ones which you won’t read about on the internet. Some things have to be kept secret and sacred, just for the Lucky ones! Keep an eye on my You Tube series for all my tours of Ibiza…”


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