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Dispensary II

Your one-stop shop for the best island products.

Castillo de Canena Plankton Olive Oil

Rightly considered one of the finest olive oils in Spain, this exceptional quality oil, created from Arbequina olives, is presented suspended in plankton. The combination of the olives and the marine notes gives it a unique flavour, which combines perfectly with seafood and ceviches.

Cosmic Dealer Ritual Chocolate

We are not sure how exactly confectionery can have (or influence) a chakra. But by god does this chocolate taste good, and that alone perks us up. So, good karma all round. The flavour combinations are extraordinary: peanut butter and smoked salt; black tahini and chai; toasted rice and green tea…

Juntos Ibizan Honey

Juntos’ mission is “to inspire humanity to regenerate the planet together”, and a by-product of that mission is some of the tastiest honey we have ever enjoyed. With its regenerative agriculture and sustainable products, the company has shown real commitment to making an impact on the way we enjoy food and connect with each other. 

Awiild Crystal Infused Moisturiser

With the simple ambition of creating beauty products that are not just good for your skin but also to the wellbeing of the planet, Anna Wild founded her company after years working as a make-up artist. Her Crème De Quartz natural moisturiser is non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free and charged with precious quartz stone.

Robiza Wine

We didn’t think we needed another excuse to open a bottle of wine, but Robiza has come along with three! With its Sun, Sea and Moon collection – featuring a sauvignon blanc-tempranillo rosé, a sauvignon blanc white, and a monastrell-syrah red – it has made it perfectly acceptable to uncork a celebratory bottle at almost any time of the day or night. 

ummi Hard Kombucha

We are now all familiar with the gut-supporting benefits of a good fermented kombucha. Well, now you can get those same benefits along with the mild buzz of hard kombucha. The good folk at u-mmi have converted more of the sugar into alcohol, making a cup of green tea more exciting than it has ever been before.


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