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Founder’s Letter: Bon dia i salut

Welcome back to another amazing summer on the two best islands on the planet!
Massimo Shadi Saab

I love food – everybody who knows me will agree. When I first arrived in Ibiza in 2001, one of the first things I did was ask where the finest restaurants were – there weren’t many! But in the last two months alone I have visited over 25 incredible places. The transformation is unbelievable: Michelin-starred chefs now satisfy our every demand, the standard of private chefs is simply inspiring, while every international cuisine is catered for. We are truly blessed.

But we need to take care of this industry. The quality we have just shows the power of our islands. So please look after the staff if you think they excel, and restaurant owners: please keep standards high and keep investing in staff training – they are the faces of your businesses.

I hope you enjoy dipping into our ‘Yummy!’ feature and incredible food pieces – they showcase just a small part of what is quickly becoming one of the best gastro scenes on the planet. Long may it continue.

As always, thank you to all the advertisers who continue to believe in me and my team. We are proud of NATIV and proud to be Ibiza’s summer portal showing everyone why there is nowhere quite like it in the world.



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