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Malamba, master of metal, Nativ Ibiza

Malamba, Master of Metal

“I used to drive my teachers crazy at school,” laughs the artist known as Malamba, as we sit in his workshop in San Rafael. “I would always be stealing their chalk and creating little totem poles with needles even at eight years old I was fascinated by creating things.”

Malamba was born in Argentina but has also lived in Colombia and the US. His extraordinary metal sculptures are currently the talk of the art scene in Ibiza, with some of his pieces selling for over 10,000 euros. And, it’s no wonder – they really are pieces of intricate beauty. “The soul of my pieces are in the composition this is the real fibre of each structure. From a distance you may think it looks amazing enough, but when you get closer it’s a whole new world when you see the elaborate detail of crafts- manship.”

Incredibly, Malamba has only been working with metal for three years, although he comes from a family of artisans and artists, including his father, one of the finest leather workers on the island. “I’m the sort of person who likes to touch every kind of material. For now, my metal sculptures are being very well received, but in the future I want to work with bronze, copper, stone and glass. When you see a Banksy piece, his message of war against consumerism is clear. My form of protest is the effort that goes into every single thing I make. I have friends who are told they have a very particular style and so they strive to keep making this same kind of art. To me this sounds too restrictive, a waste of time and energy. I want to keep experimenting and let my mind roam free. To allow my imagination to explode.”

Check out Malamba’s sculptures at Cocoq Ibiza and Deco Style


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