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Kirtan Kriya

The Kundalini Yoga practice that will change your life.
By Naomi Newlan

Using mantra and mudra and visualisation, we visualise the sounds Sa, Ta, Na, Ma coming in through the crown chakra and out of the 3rd eye in an L-shape flow. We connect these sounds to mudras, energy seal locks of the fingers, like this…

Sa, thumb and index finger touch.
Ta, thumb and middle finger touch.
Na, thumb and ring finger touch.
Ma, thumb and pinkie finger touch.
Sa, Ta, Na, Ma is the mantra of rebirth.

Scientific research at the University of California found that practising Kirtan Kriya for 12 minutes a day for nine weeks improved patients’ short-term memory function, reduced insomnia, extended the telomeres on their DNA strands by 43%, creating an anti-ageing transformation process, and improved blood flow to the brain. Plus, it also relaxed the nervous system of the care staff!

Further benefifits include…

  • balancing the elements within the body
  • easing depression
  • calming
  • creating focus
  • helping executive functioning skills
  • balancing the hemispheres of the brain
  • promoting clear energy
  • relieving headaches
  • decreasiong inflammatory genes
  • eliminating subconscious mental blocks through the power of primary sounds
  • creating a sense of harmony
  • increasing projection of electromagnetic field
  • increasing intuition


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