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Nativ Selects: Soap, Water & Automobiles

Where to clean your wheels.

VIP Car Wash Ibiza 

This cleaning service seeks excellence through detail – as it says, a washed car is not the same as a clean car.

Younger Cleans Ibiza 

This company offers a mobile car-cleaning service in any point of the island, promising a deep clean in four hours that will leave your vehicle spotless.

Mobile Car Wash Ibiza 

This firm will pick up your car from home and return it cleaned or, alternatively, clean it right there at your house or villa. Its cleaning service is available for all types of car.

VIP Car Detail Ibiza

This company provides bodywork jobs and specialized studies that turn high-end vehicles into true exhibition pieces.

Car Wash Can Rita 

This vehicle repair shop in Formentera is the only one on the island offering a comprehensive car-cleaning service that will leave your vehicle looking impeccable inside and out.

ISP Car Care

A company specializing in vehicle detailing offers deep cleaning, and polishing, correction and protection of paintwork.


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